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At Fashio Nail Spa, in Pearland Texas we have many treatments to help our customers feeling relax and refresh, ranging from massage to facial. Among those treatments, there is one called Reflexology. Reflexology, also known as foot acupressure, is a therapy treatment that originated from ancient China and has been recorded for as long as 4000 B.C. Unfortunately, this treatment wasn’t well documented and researched. Not until the 19th century that this treatment was given another chance and developed into the modern treatment we know nowadays in the west.


You’d be wrong if you think this is just another type of foot massage. Instead of kneading your feet just to relieve the stiffed muscles in the feet, reflexology is a healing art that putting pressure on the pressure points located on the sole of your foot to activate a healing respond to the body part or organ corresponded to that particular pressure point. If you’re having a headache, press the pressure point on the underside of your toes will help relieve those pesky migraines.


Aside from helping to relieve pain here and there on your body and organ, it can also help stimulate them, to give them a better blood circulation, and believed to be able to remove blockage of chi (the life energy that if concentrated or clumped up can cause imbalance in the human body). Aside from the physical symptoms, reflexology can also ease stress and anxiety, especially for people who have been working too hard or standing on their feet for too long. People who went through the reflexology treatment also experienced a burst of energy. There have been records of improvements on the condition of dialysis patients and diabetes patients after a undergoing for this treatment for a long time.

The exact location of the pressure points is varied from people to people and even different reflexology experts and practitioners have different opinion on where those points could be. However, there are certain general areas where all of them agreed to have effect on the corresponding parts:

  • The toes: have effect on the neck and head, which is mostly used to cure headache and migraines.
  • The inside rims of the foot: have effect on the spine, used for people with back pains.
  • The heels: have effect on the lower part of the body.
  • The insteps and arch: have effect on the rest of the body, which is the chest and stomach area.

The practice of reflexology is not simply put hard pressure on the point. The techniques that are used to trigger these points also varied between the types of reflexology treatments. For instance, the Chinese treatment requires accuracy where the technician can press, push and stretch. Whereas the Japanese style (aka Shiatsu) requires pressure and massage on the points. And finally, the Swedish style, which is one of our beloved method at Fashio Nail Spa, uses slow and steady movement while at the same time putting a deep pressure on the point to achieve result; the practitioner can also use hot stone to sooth the pain afterward.

Some advices for people who are planning to have this treatment:

  • Like swimming, getting your muscles and body into an intense state right after eating is not recommended.
  • Consult with a doctor or an expert to see whether you should have this treatment or not, especially if you’re: pregnant, have a blood pressure condition, a foot injury.
  • It is advised to drink a lot of water after a session.

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