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Recently, a new method of keeping your skin looking young and lively has invaded the western beauty industry from Asia in the form of peeling gel. At Fashio Nail Spa, we offer many services from nails to massages and facials, and the peeling gel treatment is one of the best services in our shop. So, what is this peeling gel, how does it work and what benefit you’ll get from using it? In this article Fashio nails spa from Pearland, Houston, Texas will explore everything that you should know about peeling gel.


What is peeling gel?

Peeling gel is a beauty product that has its origin in Asia, particularly in Korea and Japan. It contains many natural ingredients with mostly fruit extracts along with a few chemical compounds that are safe to use on your skin. Thanks to its natural ingredients, the peeling gel is very rich in enzyme and guaranteed to not cause any skin damage, unlike the old exfoliating gel that has a lot of chemicals, which penetrates the inner layer of your skin. It is perfectly safe to use peeling gel even for people who have skin conditions.

How does it work?

When you heard of the word ‘peeling’, you may think it is a type of gel that hardened and can be peel off like a beauty mask. However, the peeling gel works more like a skin scrubber with cellulose and carbomer clumps. Unlike other skin scrubber products, the clumps in peeling gel are very soft and won’t irritate the skin. When use, the clumps will combine with your skin oils, effectively remove oils off your skin. After a few more scrubbing, the clump will remove any dirt and impurities that got into your pores, along with the dead skin that stay on the surface of your face. After letting it sit and dry for a few minutes, you can wash it all away with water and see the instant effect of the peeling gel.

The benefits?

The peeling gel will help revitalize your skin by removing dead skin cells, reduce the oil and leave your skin extra smooth. It works as good as scrubbing your skin with a sponge, but it won’t cause redness or any infections from the bacteria hiding in the sponge. Thanks to its natural properties, you won’t have any worries about chemical burns. Instead, the massaging motion of scrubbing will help your blood circulate better and the enzyme in the gel will be absorbed into your skin and nurturing it.

What else there is to know about peeling gel?

  • There are many type of peeling gel that is created for different type of skin and each has its own effect. From making your skin smoother or giving it a nice and subtle glow.
  • Even though peeling gel can be used by people with skin conditions but it is advised that people with a skin infection should not use it. Consult with your doctor or with one of our expert at Fashio Nail Spa to see whether or not this treatment is suitable for you.
  • The peeling gel will works best after you thoroughly washed your face with luke warm water, which open up your pores so the gel can get in and remove the dirt that got trapped inside.
  • Peeling gel also helps your skin become more susceptible to any skin treatment that follows.

Overall, peeling gel is one of the most safe and economical treatment to take if you want to have young and beautiful skin. At Fashio Nail Spa in Pearland, Houston Texas, we offer the peeling gel treatment along with many more as a package. Contact our Facebook page for more information.

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