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Summer time is here and what better way to celebrate the fun time in the sun than showing off your hip and chic nail art that bounded to make some head turn. Out of hundreds of style, Fashio Nail Spa has chosen some of the most popular, as well as glamorous and fashionable styles for you to try on for the summer of 2018.

The Gold Stud Nail

Let’s start off with something simple, this style of nail art only requires a single color of nail polish along with a single stud on top of it. Sometime, less is more, a light shade polish with crème finish worked best for this style since it made the stud popped out even more. You can’t go wrong with white or a pink nude color and a gold stud, this combination will grace your nail with some subtle allure; or if you are a beach lover, a light blue shade will give off that fresh looks like the sun on the beach.


The Double Layered French Tips

For this style, you’re going to need some shades that have a great contrast for them to complement each other. The base coat for this style is usually nude pink for that natural looks then add the lighter shade for the first layer of tip then the darker shade for the second one. Your safest bet is the combo of black and white or you can be experimental and combine red and white together.

The Marble Finish

This one is pretty much self-explanatory, nothing says high-classed and elegant like the sight of a marble structure and it does have the same effect on your nail, albeit in black, red, white or green. You can even decorate it with a few gold strips for greater effects.


The Pride Flag Nail

With the pride month in June, the pride flag is seen everywhere, on television, on the internet and even on some of your daily products since some company also wanted to celebrate ‘Pride Month’, so it made sense that the pattern on the pride flag also made its way onto your nail art. It consisted of the color of the rainbow painted on your nail to show your support for the pride month.

The Stickered Nail

If sitting in one place for a long time for your nail art to be done is too much for you then there is an alternative to that, just use stickers. With a simple base coat, you can then choose your favorite sticker to give them the style that showed off your personality, you can go with the flat sticker or even those tiny stick-on earing that oh so popular back in highschool with the shape of a heart or a star. It’s kind of like the studded nail style, but it peels off more easy and you can change them everyday to match your mood.


That’s it for part 1, if you see anything strike your fancy, come visit us at Fashio Nail Spa in Pearland, Texas to have your nail art done or book your massage appointment along with various spa, manicure and pedicure activities. Contact us through our Facebook page or call our telephone line (281-741-1298) for more details.

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