publish at: August 27, 2018 by: Tedsoo

Have you ever thinking about having your nail done or having nail arts but couldn’t, due to your nails being too weak and brittle? At Fashio Nail Spa, we believe that in order to have a healthy set of nails, you have to have a balance and nutritious diet. Below is a set of facts and tips to have a stronger and better-looking nails.

One of the most comment knowledge about nail is that they reflect the current health condition of your body, the healthier you are, the stronger your nails become. With that logic, by strengthening your body with food and nutrients it would have a positive result on your nails. We have a few recommendations on how to achieve that:

  • Vitamin B: commonly founded in green leafy vegetables, grains and cereals. A healthy dose of Vitamin B daily, can helps prevent your nails from being dull and give it a certain pink hue of liveliness.

  • Protein: Your body needs protein to create keratin, the essential component of not only your nail, but also your skin and hair. Protein will give your nails the thickness and elasticity it needed to prevent them from being brittle and flaky. A good source of protein can be found in meat and egg (especially the egg whites)

  • Essential fat: When people hear of fat, they might think it is the unhealthy part of the food group that they should be avoided, however, your body need fat to functions normally. Think of it as the grease that you put in your car to make them run smoothly. With enough essential fat, it will help moisturize your nail bed, and prevent your nail from being cracked. You can find a lot of essential fat in seafood.

  • Iron: If you ever find your nail to have white stripes running from the tips of your finger to your cuticle. It’s a sign that your body is lacking in iron. If left unchecked, it will lead to brittle nail or even warped into spoon-shape. Red meat and whole grains are where you can counted on to be your source of iron.

  • Vitamin C: The easiest type of vitamin that you can get from fruits, especially citrus and berries. Vitamin C helps your body produce Collagen, which support not only your nails, but also your skin and keep them looking young and plume. Not only that, Vitamin C can also help breakdown the iron in grains, which let your body absorb them better.

Those are the important nutrients that needed to maintain a strong and healthy set of nail. Beside from taking in those nutrients, moisturize your nails with coconut oil to prevent them from being damaged, or you can enjoy one of our nail spa treatments at Fashio Nail Spa; located in Pearland, Texas; to have your nail taken care of by our professional technicians. Contact our Facebook page for more information.


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