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If you’re ever been tired and feeling sore on all of your muscles, but not looking for a hard and painful session of massage because you’re “bruise easily”, then Fashio Nail Spa got the perfect treatment for you. Introducing the ‘Aromatherapy Massage’, unlike regular massage that require your muscles to be kneaded forcefully and repeatedly for them to loosen up, aromatherapy massage only need a light session of massage, so that the essential oil can penetrate your skin and works their miraculous healing properties. Furthermore, the soothing and relaxing aroma of essential oil can also help your mind feeling more at ease and relieve the stresses from daily activities.

The essential oils used in aromatherapy massage are all extracted from plants with a high percentage of concentration. Many researchers believe that essential oils not only have healing properties on their own but by inhaling the aroma, it can send a signal that triggered and accelerated the natural healing process of the human body. Different kind of essential oil has different healing effect, some notable examples are:

  • Lavender, lemon and neroli can help with high blood pressure and stress.
  • Chamomile and tea tree oil has anti-bacteria properties that help with the inflammations and infections.
  • Bergamot, lemon grass and other citrus essential oil can give you burst of energy and feeling more invigorated.
  • Frankincense and nutmeg help eliminate the feeling of anxiety and depression.

These essential oils can be used separately or mixed together for greater effect. Masseuses will often mix (non-aroma) massage oil with essential oil in a moderated rate so that the strong scent of essential oil would not overwhelm their clients.

So, before any aromatherapy massage session, it is recommended that you should talk with your masseuse. You should ask them about the oil they are using, whether it is essential oil or it just fragrance oil, which still have plenty of aroma but it doesn’t have any healing properties like essential oil does. You should also consult them about various details, like:

  • Your allergies, does your skin react badly to a certain type of oil.
  • How are they going to use the oil; by mixing with massage oil and apply it to your body or are they going to disperse the oil into the air for the aroma effects only.
  • Tell them about your conditions and goals that you are thinking of so that they can choose the right type of oil to work with.

All and all, Aromatherapy massage is a treat not only for your body but also your mind. It is safe and sure to make you feel refresh after the session. If you made an appointment for aromatherapy massage at Fashio Nail Spa, you can feel at ease, knowing that we’re using authentic essential oils with high quality. So come visit us at Fashio Nail Spa in Pearland, Texas to book your massage appointment along with various spa, manicure and pedicure activities. Contact us through our Facebook page or call our telephone line (281-741-1298) for more details.

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