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Many people still believe that to have to have a beautiful set of nails, they need to cut their cuticles so their nail beds look longer and more attractive. This, however, is not only wrong but also very dangerous for various reasons. In this article, Fashio Nail Spa will explain to you why this is a misconception and what are the alternatives to deal with your cuticles.

First of all, to understand why cutting your cuticles is dangerous, we need know more about them. Your cuticle is actually a seal that protect the part where your nail is growing from, without it your nail is open to the invasion of various bacteria and fungi, which in turn, cause an infection in your body. A cut cuticle is like an invitation for all of those nasty problems to attack your health. Many doctors and manicurists advice you to cut them ONLY when you’re having a bad case of hang nail. That is the actual uses of those cuticle nippers, to get rid of hang nail, not for beauty purposes.

One more reason why cutting them is a big mistake is that your cuticles regrow rather quickly, and get frayed while doing so. You’ll get uneven cuticles on each finger, which may look worse than at the beginning. This is unlikely at a professional manicure shop, but there is a chance that the utensils that the technician used are being rusty or not sterilized properly which can lead to a direct infection

That is why it is recommended to only push back your cuticles, not cutting them. With a proper session of cuticle treatment, from softening your cuticles, pushing them back with a cuticle remover, to trimming off the dead skin part of them, your nail bed will not only looking clean, but also healthy and lively. At Fashio Nail Spa, we also offer this service.

Having your cuticles pushed back will also help preventing other nail problem, like hang nail and frayed cuticles, as mentioned above.

Some precautions when you’re having your cuticle done:

  • Soak your nails in hot water will make the cuticle soften quickly and easier to be pushed back.
  • If you are worry about rusty nail utensils, you can always bring your owns that you had properly clean and sterilize.
  • In case that you really need your cuticles cut to remove painful hang nails, make sure the environment is safe and cover up your cuticles with bandages right after to avoid infection.
  • Keeping your hand moisturized and exfoliating around the nail area regularly will keep your cuticle looking clean and healthy longer.

We hope that this article will help you understand more on how to keep your nail staying healthy, especially if you are a nail enthusiast. If you’re having trouble with your nail or thinking of having them done, please check out Fashio Nail Spa in Pearland, Texas, we offer the best services in manicure, pedicure and spa. Contact us through our Facebook page or call our telephone line (281-741-1298) for more details.

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