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Fashio nails spa news - Dip powder has and always been a thing in the nail art world. Dip powder has been existed since the 80s, but until recently, it starting to gain momentum and became one of the latest trends in the nail industry. SNS, Signature Nail System, is one of the top manufacturers of dip powder in the world thanks to their products being easy to apply, not only that, it’s also safe to use. Their products are also trusted to use at Fashio Nail Spa.

Some facts about SNS dip powder:

  • The product (gel base, top, sealer) dry off rather quickly than most products on the market.
  • By using their products, your nails id supplied with various vitamins (A, D3, E, …) and calcium.
  • Your nails will become stronger but feel very light after use
  • They are non-toxic, reducing the risk of yellowing your nails.
  • Your nails will last up to 4 weeks.

How to properly use SNS dip powder:

  1. To prepare, clean your hand thoroughly, especially the nail. Wash off old nail polishes. Push back the cuticles to make the nail look longer (do not cut them). You can try buffing them if your nails are a bit uneven on the surface.
  2. Applying the gelous coat and let them dry in about a minute.
  3. Next is the gel base, this will let the power stick onto your nails.
  4. Stick your fingers one by one into the powder jar with the color of your choosing
  5. Dust off the exceed powder with a brush.
  6. Repeat step 3 to 5 to make your nails look stronger (do it a third time if you use nail extension, this will help strengthen the bond between your nails and your extensions).
  7. Apply the first layer of sealer, let it dry, shape and buff.
  8. Add the second layer of sealer.
  9. Finish it off with the a gel top coat.

The liquid set of SNS comes in 8 bottles.

  • The basic 5: Gelous base (black cap), gel base (green cap), sealer dry (grey cap), gel top (red cap), EA bond (white cap).
  • Brush cleaner (blue cap with blue liquid): to wash your brush after dusted off the exceed powder.
  • Vitamin oil (white cap with gold-ish liquid): for nourishment after you’re done with your manicure session.
  • Brush on glue (blue cap): for when you want to do your extension along with the dip powder.

Although SNS is famous for their white and pink colored powder, their products also come in various spectrum of color and the list keep updating every years.

Overall, SNS dip powder is a wonderful product that is easy to use, although it is take a bit longer to apply than conventional nail polishes, the result will leave you speechless. Come to Fashio Nail Spa in Pearland, Texas to fully take advantages of these marvelous products and see us work our magic. Call us now to book your date : 281-741-1298.

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