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Fashio nails spa news - It’s always a good idea to prepare yourself your very own set of manicure kit whether you’re doing your own nails or have them done at a spa or salon, but it is better to have your own set of nail art kit, too. At Fashio Nail Spa, our technicians know their way around the tool and today we are going to show you some of the best tool that you might want to consider adding to your manicure kit.

  1. The nail polish corrector pen

Don’t you hate it when some nail polish got onto your cuticles, which made the whole outlooks of your nails look messy and unclean? With the corrector pen, you can easily clean up those exceeded polish and return your nails to a neat and tidy looks. Just like a marker, these pens have a precision tip which help you clean your nails more accurately and much better than using a Q-tip drenched in nail remover.

  1. Glitter nail polish removal gel or pad.

If anything more annoying than having nail polish all over your hand, is to get rid of the glitter that come in the nail polish itself. Normal nail polish remover won’t work against those stubborn glitters. Some companies have created a few products that help solving this problem. With the gel you just simply dip your nail, wait a minute, and then thoroughly clean the polish off your nail. The pad is quite easier to use, just take the pad off its packet, and clean your nail normally. However, the price for a tub of gel is considerably cheaper. These products might also contain acetone, which make your skin dried, so remember to moisturize your nails regularly.

  1. Striping Tapes

A rather useful tool for when you want to be creative with your nail art. These tapes can be used as accessories to your nail art since they come in a lot of color and even in the metallic tone. One other way to use these tapes is to use them as stencils; simply tape them to your nail in any way or shape you want, paint over them and then lift them off to reveal your marvelous work of art.

  1. Dotting tools

If you are a lover of polka dot style nail, this item is a must-have, it make polka dotting your nails much more easy and precise than ever. You won’t have to worry that you screwed up a dot and have to start over again. This tool come in many different sizes to fit your liking of how big your dots should be.


  1. Foils

The foil is used to create a psychedelic effect or unusual patterns to your otherwise normal layer of nail polish. These foils come in a lot of shapes and intricated patterns, but mostly they are sold in strips. You have to cut these strips up to the size that just a little bit bigger than your nail, applying some nail adhesive onto your nail and then the foil; wait for the adhesive to dry and lift the foil off. You’ll see that your nail is now has the same pattern as the foil along with the cool background color of your choosing.

  1. Pointy tipped brush

These brushes are the key to intricated art on your nail, they can be used to draw whatever you like on your nail, but be sure to clean them in nail polish remover before dipping it into a different bottle of nail polish.

Some other tools that you could consider using:

  • Extra glitters: your nails will be more colorful with the help with some extra glitter

  • Studs or tiny pearls: If you want your nail art to be more than just a flat surface on your nail, these glued on studs and pearls will help enhancing your experience.

  • Nail repair formula: These formulas will help your nail recover and regrow after a long time of exposure to many different types of nail polishes and removers.

There are a lot of things to worry about when you going to do your nails by your own, and the result is rarely satisfy your expectations. But with our professional people and high quality products at Fashio nails spa, you will be given the best nails treatments you can have in Pearland, Texas. Nothing better when you becoming prettier and feeling comfortable at the same time, cause you know you are in a good hands. Call us now to book your date : 281-741-1298.

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