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Fashio nails spa news - Threading is an ancient method for removing hair that originated from the eastern part of the world, specifically in the Asian region. It is considered to be one of the most effective methods of hair removal thanks to its precision and lasting effect. At Fashio Nail Spa in Pearland, Texas, we also offer this service with qualified technician and at a reasonable price.


What do you know about threading?

Threading is a method of using a thread loop made of cotton (usually). The loop is stretched and twisted in the middle, and this twisted part is what helps removing the hair. The technician will use their fingers to control the twisted part of the loop on the designated area. The twisting motion in the loop done by opening and closing fingers will grab the hair and pull them out of their follicles, leaving the threaded area smooth and hairless. Threading is recommended to use on the face rather than any other part of your body since it is for precision hair removal and most effective in small areas of your face like eyebrows, chin, upper lip, etc.


What do you need to prepare before threading?

This method of hair removal is rather simple, so there are not much to prepare for it, besides keeping your eyebrows well-groomed so the technician won’t accidentally pulled on the hair that you wanted to keep. As with any hair removing method, there are a bit of pain and discomfort while doing it, to help lessen the pain use a warm compress or a hot towel to loosen the follicle, this will make the hair easier to be remove. You can also purchase some numbing cream in some specialized stores. You can use a make-up pencil to draw your eyebrows in the shape that you want and told the technician to threading outside the line.


What are the benefits of threading?

  • Unlike waxing, threading won’t cause any irritation for the skin since it didn’t use any type of chemicals.
  • It can be done very quickly and you won’t feel much pain if you’re prepared.
  • You can enjoy the smooth feeling on your face up to a month before threading again.
  • It easy to maintain the hairless looks after threading, either by plucking the newly grown hair with a tweezers or another quick session of threading.

  • The follicle of the regularly threaded areas can be damaged and stop growing new hair altogether. This may sounded bad, but it is great news for people who want to keep hair from growing in unwanted places.

What you should lookout for?

  • The first thing to lookout for is to avoid applying any make-up, moisturizer, cleanser on the threaded area for a few hours. The bacteria or chemical in those products could get into the open follicle and cause an infection.

  • Redness after threading is a common thing, you can help it go away quicker by using ice pack or cool pad.

Overall, threading is a safe and easy method to do if you have sensitive skin or allergic to the wax from waxing. You can do it yourself, but it is advised that you seek professional help. For more consultation, come visit our Fashio Nail Spa at 12810 W. Broadway St, suite 150, Pearland, Texas or contact Fashio now to book your date : 281-741-1298.

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