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Fashio nails spa news - Hot stones massage is a staple treatment at any spa facility that you can find in the world and it is no exception at Fashio Nail Spa in Pearland, Texas. Beside the purpose of helping you feeling more relaxed, it’s also bring a lot of benefit to not only your body but also your mind.

How is this treatment carried out?

First, your therapist will begin heating up volcanic stones in purified water. These stones have a flat and smooth surface, as the rougher surfaced ones might cause discomfort during your treatment. The iron in these stones helps retain heat longer after they have been taken out of the water and the heat could be up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (which is 60 degrees in Celsius). The heated stones are then placed on various parts of your body, usually the back and along the spine. In some spas, the therapist might also use those stones to massage you in various back and forth, and circular movements.

What benefits does this treatment bring?

The heat in those stones will help your body more relaxed, especially in the dense and tensed muscle areas, relieve the pain and sore feeling in your body and help the followed treatments to be more effective.

Furthermore, the heat can help penetrate your body tissues and open your blood vessels, which improve your blood circulation

Not only your body, your mind will also feel more relaxed. Many research found that a hot stone massage session could help ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression, which leads to better sleep and feeling more active and positive after a good night rest.

Some other research also showed that this treatment can help boosting your immune system, though it is not fully understood why.

What should you watch out before having a hot stones massage session?

Although this treatment is good for your health, it is advisable to seek consultant from your doctor to see if it safe for you, especially if you’re having a medical condition that related to bodily pain. Pregnant woman and people with high blood pressure are also advised to avoid this treatment, since this treatment can increase blood flow like mentioned above.

Some advices during your session:

  • Tell your therapist if they’re going too hard on your body. If you’re feeling too much pain it could cause more harm than healing after the massage
  • Although the heated stone is relatively safe on your skin, you should put a towel on your body before placing the stone to avoid being burned, especially if your skin is sensitive to heat.

  • The stone you’re using should only be heated up in water or a specialized heater for this treatment, avoid stones that heated up by other methods, included ovens and microwaves.

This treatment is a great way to relax and pamper yourself, however, like any other treatments you should be careful before applying for one. Only do this massage with a professionally trained therapist for the best result.

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