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Fashio nails spa news - Although there are many new type of facial treatment to keep your skin smooth and clear, a lot of people nowadays still prefer the European Facial Treatment (if you’re in Europe, it just called a classic facial) due to the fact that is an simple and easy treatment and leaves an noticeable improvement on your skin after it is done. Fashio Nail Spa also offers this kind of treatment at an affordable price and in this article we would like to show you all the benefits that you could get from it.

The Process

To carry out this kind of facial treatment, first, the technician will have to remove all of the make-ups and impurities on your face through an extensive cleansing process. A special type of cleanser is used for this step. The next step is to exfoliating your skin, this will not only get rid of dead skin cells, but also remove any leftover impurities that are clogging your pores. Then the technician will use steam blowing gently on your skin to complete the cleansing process. The steam will go deep in your pores, not only open them up, but also sweep away any dirt that stuck in there. Your technician may use a hot towel to cover your face before continuing to steam.

The extraction process is crucial to this facial treatment, as it helps removing the acne on your face. The extraction method is different from spa to spa, some may use a peeling mask with strong adhesive properties, the others may use tool and even vacuum to remove them. This process may irritate your skin and leaves them with a bit of redness.

For the next step, the technician will disinfect your skin with antiseptic fluid and then gently massage your face. After everything are done and you’re relaxed, the technician will apply a mask on your face, the type of mask is determined by what kind of problem that you have, it could be a mask that help preventing the reappearance of black heads or a mask that shrink the pores. This mask will stay on for a short period of time before removing and finally the technician will apply moisturizer or sunscreen to protect your now cleaned skin for the rest of the day.

The Benefits

  • As said before, it helps removing all impurities on your skin leaving you with a clean and refreshed face.
  • Relax the tension in your facial muscle and reduce headache
  • Better blood circulation in your face area
  • Rejuvenate your skin for a youthful feel and looks.

One of the best things about this facial treatment that is you can totally customize it to your personal references. You can opt to leave out the extraction process or you can choose what kind of mask that you are prefer. Consult with your technician to get a better grasp of how thing are carried out and on how they will massage your face. Contact Fashio Nail Spa in Pearland, Texas to set up your own appointment today

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