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Fashio nails spa tips - Even if you are a nail art aficionado or just a seasonal nail art admirer, you must had have a few bottles of favorite nail polish for yourself and nothing is worse than your favorite color became unusable due to the fact that the polish liquid inside have become harden over a period of time. Don’t throw away those nail polishes yet, Fashio Nail Spa will show you a few tips and tricks of how to reviving your bottle and preventing it from becoming thick in the future.

  • The easiest way to get this done is to buy the nail polish thinner, which is available in almost every beauty products store. Simply open your bottle and add a few drops. After that close the cap tightly and gently rolling your bottles between the palms of your hands. Shift the bottle lightly from a 40 to 90 degree angle and back so that the thinner will be able to be applied to every bit of your hardened nail polish. Do this for a few minutes and your bottle will be good as new


  • Don’t add too much thinner beside a few drops, because it will ruin the consistency of your nail polish. You could accidentally destroy a whole bottle that is still savable.
  • Remember not to shake your bottle, since it will create tiny bubbles inside the liquid and could make the paint uneven or cracked when the paint dried.


  • If somehow you’re unable to get your hand on the thinner liquid, it’s time for plan B, using hot water. Close your bottle tightly and put it in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes. Take it out and roll it in your hand like above, but be careful since the glass bottle will be very hot. By heating up the bottle like that, the liquid inside will be melted back to its original consistency. However, the thinner method is still more recommendable than this one, because it is safer and more effective.


  • DO NOT use nail polish remover to thin your hardened nail polish. Even though it may help somewhat restoring your bottle, but remember, the remover liquid is designed to break down the polish formula for easy removal. So, adding remover to the polish is just going to do more harms than goods for your bottle. Only consider this as a quick fix before throwing the bottle away or a last resort in emergency situation.

Tips that help preventing your nail polish from hardened and clumped:

  • Avoid as much air exposure to the nail polish as possible. That means:
  • Close the cap as soon as you’re done with it
  • Clean the neck and mouth of the bottle before closing it to avoid spilt polish from clumping up in that area. It could accidentally create a gap that let the air in even when the bottle is closed. You could clean it with cotton ball and polish remover.

  • Store your bottle in place with room temperature, not too hot, not too cold and not too humid. So, avoid bathroom and outdoor spaces. 
  • Keep your bottle stay upright, so the liquid inside is kept at the bottom of the bottle. Even if the polish is thickened up, restoring your polish is easier than having to deal with clumps of polish that stuck at the mouth of the bottle.

That’s all there is to know about saving your nail polish from being hardened. Even if your nail polishes are ruin, you could come to Fashio Nail Spa in Pearland, Texas to receive the best manicure and pedicure services with a wide range of top quality nail polishes that you can choose from. Call us now to book your date : 281-741-1298.

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