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Fashio nails spa news - Beside the conventional massage, along with hot stones massage and a few other treatment, Fashio Nail Spa also offer Parafin Wax Treatment in our manicure and pedicure service packages.

How is this treatment carried out?

First, our spa technitians will warm up the parafin wax to liquified them and infuse them with essential oils to give them a pleasant smell along with some nutrtions. Then, the technitian would apply a plenty amount of wax on your foot or hand. In some spa, the customers would have their hands or feet dip into a small vat of heated wax as an alternative way to apply the wax. Then, the hand or foot would be wrapped in a hot towel (or tin foil) and let the wax harden. The heat from the hot wax trapped inside the towel would open the pores on your skin. After the wax has been cooled off, the towel will be pulled away to peel off the layers of wax, along with the dead skin cell.

What benefits would you gained from this treatment?

As said above, by opening the pores on your skin, your hands and feet are now more receptive to subsequent treatment, not to mention the removal of dead skin cell will help rejuvinate your skin, making them more healthy and smooth. The wax also a great moisturizer that keep your hands and feet moisturized for hours after the treatment. This treatment also hasten the process of healing dried and cracked skin.

Parafin Wax treatment also counted as heat therapy, which help relieve pains and sores in your wrists and ankles, as well as improving blood circulation. This treatment is recommended for people who have a pulled muscle or a sprained ankle or wrist, since it reduces the risk of muscle spasm and imflamation .

What are the precautions for this treatment?

Since parafin wax has a low melting point, the heat from the melted wax won’t cause any harm to your skin, so it is a relatively safe treatment. However, this treatment help increasing blood flow so it is advisable not to get one if you have high blood pressure and if you have a skin condition like rashes, the trapped heat could make the symptom worse.

As of any spa treatment, you should consult beforehand with your doctor. If you’re in the clear, just indulge yourself in the luxury and benefit of the parafin wax treatment from the best nails spa in Pearland, Texas. Please contact Fashio now to book your date : 281-741-1298.

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