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Fashio nails spa news - As with any cosmetic products in the beauty industry, nail polish is no exception from getting collaboration with some of the most famous celebrity in the world. OPI seemed to be in the lead for this trend with a lot of successful lines of nail polish featuring A-list celebrities. Since OPI is one of the main line of products used by us at Fashio Nail Spa in Pearland, Texas, let’s review some of the most popular celebrity nail polish lines of the recent years.

OPI Katy Perry Collection 2011

In 2011, pop singer Katy Perry has released her collection of nail polish in collaboration with OPI Nail Lacquer with four shades named after her most popular hit at the time: “Teenage Dream”, “The One That Got Away”, “Not Like The Movies”, “Last Friday Night”. This collection is consisted of mostly glitter nail lacquers and one duochrome (Not Like The Movies). Later, she added another bottle named Black Shatter into the collection, a shatter nail polish in the shade of glossy black that goes well with the others to create eye-catching and easy nail art.

Nicki Minaj OPI Nail Lacquer Collection

Nicki Minaj, a famous singer and rapper has released her collection of nail polishes in 2012. This collection consisted of 6 colorful nail lacquers like her style and personality. Each bottle is named after one of her songs in the ‘Pink Friday ‘album debut in 2010:

  • Pink Friday: Pink Friday – bubble gum pink crème finish
  • Super Bass Shatter: Super Bass – magenta shatter with glitters
  • Metallic 4 life: Moment 4 Life – charcoal black with silver glitters
  • Save Me: Save Me – silver with glitter and blue bar glitter
  • Did It On‘Em: Did It On’Em – green with yellow tone
  • Fly: Fly – blue teal


Mariah Carey by OPI

Famed singer and international diva, Mariah Carey has had her own collection of nail polish back in 2013. The collection started out with four nail polishes: Stay the Night, Pink Yet Lavender, Anti-bleak, and A Butterfly Moment. This collection is emphasized heavily in glitter and textured finish with the shades that are as glamorous as Mariah Carey herself. Not long after that, she released four more bottles and called it the ‘liquid sand’ edition. Finally, Her Holiday edition add a total of eighteen more bottle to the whole collection with twelve new shades of glitter and six new ‘liquid sand’. Mariah Carey for OPI is well received by critic and fan, and it I considered one of the best lines of celebrity nail polish on the market.



Gwen Stefani for OPI

The famous pop singer Gwen Stefani started her collaboration with OPI in 2014, after she created her own fashion line ‘L.A.M.B’. She decided that it was time to expand her collection beyond clothes and perfume, therefore her line of nail polish was born. Her collection included seven limited nail polishes. Each bottle is named with a whimsical play on her name (Over and Over A-Gwen) or even a reference to Gwen Stefani Harajuku Girls (Love.Angel.Music.Baby). The cap on each bottles bear an intricated pattern like a nail design in black and white. With the satin finish edition and the holiday edition, Gwen Stefani for OPI collection has increased up to eighteen nail polishes.

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